Franchise & Yung are a hip hop duo out of Houston, Texas. Childhood friends since preschool, they formed the duo in 2006, and started off by releasing a few songs on the internet just to basically experiment. The experiment eventually led to Vol.1 the first mixtape which released in 2007. It was a combination of Franchise & Yung’s original lyrics over popular hip hop beats, capturing the true essence of a hip hop mixtape. The same would follow in 2008 with their second mixtape Vol.2. In 2009 Franchise & Yung started work on their 3rd mixtape. This mixtape would feature a more original sound, and production by Franchise & in house producer Tee Reese. Now Franchise & Yung are hard at work doing various shows and events, letting the world know who Franchise & Yung are. Their new mixtape “The Launching Pad” is available for free download in the downloads section