Well in the nba world one of my favorite players growing up has called it quits, well as of now. There are reports going around that philly wants to bring him back so we shall see. I was going to do this post when it actually happened but didn’t have the time to until now. Anyway as far as a.i. he changed the game in more ways than one. From the rows, to the tats, to the sneakers, to the arm sleeve, to the crossover, to practice, he did what only few players have done in the nba. He brought hip hop to the nba, and thats why he was, is and will always be the answer. Salute a.i.

Crosses Jordan.

2001 Playoffs vs Vince Carter

2001 all star game

Steps over Tyronne Lue

Jewels- 40 Bars

Jadakiss Commercials


The Kicks

EDIT: He’s Back