Well most of yall may know this already, but for those who don’t, me and franchise go waaaaayyyy back. I’m talking preschool together type of way back lol. Well anyways..franchise and i have been doing our thing (pause) since about ’06 and there was another group of guys that went to grade school up to middle school with us that actually started a rock band called the Riff Tiffs..who have a couple of hot ep’s out and did very well, even had there music available on itunes, plus a couple articles in the Houston Press….This later led to two of the members forming another band called Caddywhompus. And now these two guys are on tour now through several college towns along the southeast coast, and its just crazy to see guys we used to have classes with and hang around achieving success like this…here’s the link to their blog and it has some other links for their music and stuff