so over the weekend i saw the notorious movie, and let me say it was a very good flick. I came into it thinking it could either be really good, or really bad, but it was incredibly good. im not gonna spoil the movie, but they did a good job in putting the key events and key people that were in biggies life in the movie. This flick brought me back to my childhood and made me realize they don’t make hip hop like they used to. its cool to make a record about your money, gear, girls whatever flashy stuff, but you gotta have some meaningful stuff like biggie had. its funny because ALOT of the franchise & yung mixtape stuff are about money, gear, girls, and fly flashy stuff, but i feel that is also a good part of hip hop, self promotion. However too much can be oversaturating. This movie let people or i should say made people remember that big was a true rockstar. People loved him, everyone from his moms, to his girl, to puff, to all his friends, and even people he beefed with had an appreciation of how great an artist he was. The moral of this post is notorious was a great great great movie. If you are a fan of biggie and a fan of hip hop go see it…i give it 4 outta 5.

Bonus: Biggie live in concert…man i miss those days. i was mad young but thank God i was alive to witness this greatness