maan. i’m never late on this type of shit, but hand me a late pass. i’ve played guitar hero before with just the guitars and was trash at it. i always used to say wtf is this shit? missing notes and things like that. my homies would be playing this shit like jimmy hendrix, and id be like lil wayne only pretending to be right when actually i’m dead wrong. so recently i took a trip to best buy with e-black (we got random ass vids in the facebook group) black looked at me and said lets fuck with the new world tour. so im like iite. you get the guitar cause im not too good at it and lemme get the drums. so with me being the aspiring producer i’m thinking this can’t be too bad cause im familiar with drum patterns and shit. mind you i’m an auditory dude, i know they got the whole color code thing on the screen but if ihear and recognize the drum pattern then ill be fine. so we fuck with a few songs and i was convinced i need this shit in my life. if you know me personally then you know i play alot of video games (nba 2k9 mainly.) So with all this bullshit typed the moral of this post is, ive been sleeping on guitar hero and im now awake…world tour for the win!! drums is all imma fuck with for now…actually i havent been sleeping, more like slacking…oh well fuck it..