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The NBA is really getting going now and I want to say that I love the Allen Iverson trade. A lot of people think he’s not a good team player but the guy is human and he knows what he’s doing and he really wants to win more than anything. He reminds me of Kevin Garnett who sacrificed a lot when he was in Minnesota and then got to go to Boston and play with other guys who were great. They came together and they won, and I’m telling you now to get ready for Iverson and the Pistons.

I also just love Ron Artest with the Rockets. He gives them an aggressive edge, but after what happened last week against the Suns I think that pretty much goes without saying. The Rockets never would have gotten into it like that without him. Tracy McGrady? Come on. This is the same guy who said he wasn’t coming to New Orleans if the All-Star game was there. That guy? Come on. So then when the All-Star game came around who all of a sudden gets an injury? Tracy McGrady. Yeah. And the best part about that fight was that Artest did not even move. He did not get involved. I felt bad when Steve Nash got knocked to the floor, that poor little guy. Rafer Alston’s from the playground, so that’s gonna happen. Shout out to him because that’s my homie.

Rafer and I have an interesting history. There was one game back when I had courtside seats with the Hornets when I was talking trash to him and he made an inappropriate gesture toward me after he made a shot. I’d been heckling him the whole game, talking trash and I was very offended by that gesture so I kept talking. And then Tracy McGrady came over near me and bent over to make it look like he was catching his breath, but he had really come over to talk to me about it. Chris Paul came and did the same thing. He was like “Whatever you’re doing it’s working ’cause you’re getting in his head.” He stopped shooting after that. We had a good talk after the game and we worked things out. He’s a good guy, so shout out to him.

Back when I had those courtside seats I would hear everything those guys ever said, and KG was by far the best trash talker. That dude was creative. Even though he was on a terrible team in Minnesota all those years, he came in and was talking every night, intimidating people. He could get away with it because even though his team would usually lose, everyone knew KG’s game was at a different level. Most people would back down because it was KG. But then once in a while you’d have a guy who’d go back at him. I remember one game he got into it with Kareem Rush and he didn’t back down.

I also want to shout out to the Cavaliers. My boy LeBron James is amazing, and the team’s been doing their thing so far. Also, when you watch the Cavaliers games please be sure not to get up during the commercials ’cause you will see me on the Nike LeBron commercial. Yes. It’s kind of funny because he does that little thing where he throws the dust up and it gets on me and my new shoes so I’m upset about it. You can’t miss it because it comes on every day—and about twenty times during each Cavs game.

i def agree with what he says about t-mac, and how ron artest makes the rockets more g’d up. but the real question is did wayne really write this shit? hes the same guy who didnt know dr. carter was on carter 3….2 min mark of this video says it all…”dr. carter was on the album? i did not know dr. carter was on the album.” haha.