In addition to the various posts from FranchiseNYung about music and sneakers, I will take a minute to update u guys on the world of sports.. In baseball RedSox CF Coco Crisp was traded today to the KC Royals for relief pitcher Ramon Ramirez. Second Baseman Dustin Pedroia was named the 2008 Al MVP, Don Wakamatsu, a former catcher who has spent most of his coaching career in the AL West, including last season with the A’s, becomes MLB’s first Asian-American manager. Nothing new in football Pacman Jones still waiting to be reinstated, McNabb still clueless on the NFL’s tie rule, Farve is still a hit or miss even coming off the win in New England, Cleveland TE Kellen Winslo will have shoulder MRI today so fantasy owners will need to find a quick replacement the playoffs are starting soon. I would suggest Miami TE David Martin who avg. 4pts a game in 90% of leagues. In NCCA Football #1 ranked Alamaba, #2 Texas Tech, #3 Flordia who just recently passed #4 Texas all have intense battles this Saturady. Also Tom Brady is continuing to get better and better with each day and will begin to test his knee at camp in about a week. Thats it for me rite now I better get off before these guys find out that im on here lol download Franchise N Yung Vol.2 if u haven’t get on ya mixtape game! If yall thought Vol.2 was it yall trippin , we at halftime rite now and im giving my halftime speech to Franchise N Yung rite now, we still got a whole nother half of football to play….. Drive – E-Black